If you have purchased a “hard good” (for example, book, or other tangible product) from Exact Prospect or any related brands, you could be entitled to receive a limited refund if you comply with the following conditions:

1. You must request a refund in writing by contacting support@ExactProspect.[com]; 
2. Your request for a refund must be made within thirty (30) days of your purchase;
3. You must return the hard goods to Exact Prospect immediately, according to the shipping and other instructions you will receive by email after requesting a refund;
4. The hard goods must be returned to Exact Prospect in like-new, or re-sellable condition, as determined in Exact Prospect sole, reasonable discretion.

All purchases follow the same principle as software-once opened or downloaded, it is a final sale. 

Due to the nature of data, all sales are final and non-refundable. By processing your order and submitting your billing information, you are entering into a binding purchase agreement. This has been done to protect the integrity of our audience identity graph from fraudulent activities. Audience data is sold as it is without warranties or guarantees. 

*Counts may vary slightly as we are continually updating databases. Not all records have all searchable fields. If a field is not available for those records a null or blank field will appear. Mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are constantly changing; we do not claim that the list is or ever could be 100% accurate or deliverable. When sending bulk emails some emails will be returned undeliverable.
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